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Modern uniform
Modern dance uniform for The Dance Consortium

To find out more about uniform, try our friends at Dancing Boutique:

As with Ballet, Modern forms a structure and window to many other types of dance and this is why the uniform reflects similarly to our Ballet choice - clean and neat.


We have the addition of black tights as you progress in age. This helps to enhance the feeling of line and strength as the standard increases

within the grades. We also encourage everyone to work with bare feet in our Modern dance classes. This enables the dancer to engage with the use of foot and have the freedom to travel and move across the room whilst maintaining good contact with the floor.


For our Modern dance classes we require you to wear the following:

Pre Primary & Primary

  • Pale Blue Leotard - Roch Valley BEATRICE

  • White wrap cardigan

Grade 1 & 2

  • Black footless tights

  • Royal blue leotard - Roch Valley ELIZA

  • Black wrap cardigan

Grade 3 & 4

  • Black footless tights

  • Royal blue leotard - Roch Valley ADAJ

Grade 5+

  • Black footless tights

  • Black leotard - CAPEZIO wide strap

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