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Ballet uniform
Ballet dance uniform for The Dance Consortium

To find out more about uniform, try our friends at Dancing Boutique:

Shown below are the uniform requirements for ballet dance classes at The Dance Consortium. Hair must always be in a neat, tidy bun.


Pre Primary & Primary

  • Pink satins & socks

  • Pale Blue Leotard - Roch Valley BEATRICE

  • Pale Blue Matilda wrap skirt

  • White wrap cardigan

Grade 1 & 2

  • Pink satins

  • Pink socks

  • Royal blue leotard - Roch Valley ELIZA 

  • Black wrap cardigan

Grade 3 & 4

  • Grade 3 Pink satins

  • Grade 4 Pink split sole canvas

  • Pink convertible tights

  • Royal Blue leotard - Roch Valley ADAJ

Grade 5+

  • Pink split sole canvas

  • Pink convertible tights

  • Black leotard - CAPEZIO wide strap


Every dancers dream - Pointe Work


It is an important factor before contemplating pointe work that the bones in the feet are developed in strength and the musculoskeletal structure is fully formed. This will vary from dancer to dancer and patience will be required. The dancer must have good posture and alignment and sufficient ankle mobility.  All of these will be assessed by your teacher who will then tell you when that exciting moment of going en pointe will be.


Your first pointe shoes should be fitted by an experienced pointe shoe fitter at a reputable ballet shop, such as the Dancing Boutique.

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