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Dance classes

in Tunbridge Wells

​Ballet - from 5 years +
From very early on, your children could be taking part in Babee Ballet, which is our ballet dance class for 2-5 year olds. Buzzie's Ballet Academy is suitable for both boys & girls to help discover the musicality of dance. We offer ballet classes for all groups and find that this offers a firm foundation for all types of dance.
Modern - from 5 years +
Our Modern dance classes in Tunbridge Wells are bursting with energy and fun. It is a structured, dynamic dance class and our pupils enjoy learning the artistry and technical combinations of the ISTD syllabus. Modern dance is a popular choice at The Dance Consortium. 
Tap - from 5 years +
Let's face it, we've all wanted to be Fred Astaire at one time or another, and our tap dance classes give you that chance to slip away into your own 'Top Hat' world. It's believed that tap dancing originated in the U.S., but it's very much alive in West Kent.
National - from 5 years +
Ever fancied learning how to dance an Irish Jig, or Spain's traditional fiery Flamenco dance? Then our National dance classes are perfect for you. A favourite dance class, that is lively, energetic and educational! This dance class is one of its kind in the Tunbridge Wells area. 
Jazz - from 7 years+
Always changing with the times, jazz dance has so many interpretations that the only limits are your imagination. Our jazz dance classes have such diversity, styles ranging from modern jazz to the cool Urban Street dance that allows room for self-expression and attitude. These high energy classes won't disappoint!
Exams - from 5 years +
Through all the dance classes offered at the Dance Consortium, we give our students the opportunity to be assessed and graded for their technical ability, to understand their progress. We are affiliated to the Royal Academy of Dance and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing
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Want to find out more?

At The Dance Consortium, we offer a variety of fun, engaging & exciting dance classes for all age groups
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